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The Road to Berem
The Kobold Encounter

On the day of the Summer Solstice Festival, Nolan Marston and his four adopted sons travel from their farm to the small town of Berem. The Marston boys include: Qwerty, an Eladrin rogue, Blanket, a human cleric, Habnor, a gnomish bard, and Torvaire, a dragonborn Paladin.

While riding through a quiet forest, the Marston family comes across an abandoned carriage in the middle of the road. Suspicious of foul play, Nolan stops their family wagon and cautions his sons to approach the carriage carefully. Qwerty begins sneaking through tall grass towards the carriage to take a closer look. He notices movement behind a tree and realizes someone is watching. At the same time, Torvaire picks up a familiar scent in the air: Kobolds.

The heroes realize that the carriage is a trap surrounded by Kobolds ready to spring out of the forest and launch an ambush. The Kobolds begin moving closer, attempting to remain hidden behind trees, while readying their attack. Eager to prove himself to his father, Blanket initiates the conflict by running forward and unleashing a magic column of fire on the closest group of Kobolds. The tree the Kobolds are using for cover erupts in flames and the rest of the Kobold band rushes out of their hiding spots to engage the heroes.

The Kobolds throw spears, but have trouble getting through Torvaire’s plate armor. The Paladin, in turn, relies on his warhammer and fire breath. Habnor opens up with a Ghost Sound spell that successfully tricks the Kobolds into thinking that cavalry reinforcements are coming. Four of the Kobolds flee in fear. Then Habnor switches to magical lute attacks that send Kobolds sprawling. Qwerty and Blanket get surrounded and feel the bite of Kobold spears pierce their flesh. The tide of the battle begins to turn as the Kobolds go down one by one. The final Kobold attempts to flee, but Habnor gives chase on a horse from the family wagon.

The brothers tie up the final Kobold and Torvaire begins an interrogation in the Draconic language. The heroes discover that these Kobolds are working for Harkonnen, the Goblin King. They even get the Kobold to draw a crude map to where Harkonnen has a hideout. Unfortunately the carriage in the road is empty and the Kobold is able to confirm that they have been kidnapping villagers for some sinister, unknown purpose.

Nolan tells his sons that they should meet with the Sheriff of Berem before deciding what to do. The boys are eager to save the kidnapped townsfolk, but they ultimately agree with their father. They push the abandoned carriage off the road, then pile up the Kobold bodies and burn them. This task completed, the Marston family resumes their journey to Berem.

16 Kobold Minions (400 XP)


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