Genasi are an inherent contradiction. Each genasi embodies the potential chaos of air and fire, the order of earth and water, or the ferocity of thunder and lightning. Genasi manifest one of these facets of their elemental soul at all times. Their race is passionate and nearly as diverse as humans. Genasi can be found almost anywhere.

Every genasi constantly manifests an element. (Genasi have no neutral, nonelemental state.) All genasi are born with one elemental manifestation, a genetic trait that is handed down from hir or her parents. Some genasi learn an additional manifestation in late adolescence or adulthood, and a rare few have several.

The physical qualities that genasi display when using different elemental manifestations are summarized below.

Earthsoul: Brown skin; golden energy lines and eyes; bald with golden energy lines glowing on the head.

Firesoul: Ruddy bronze skin; fiery orange energy lines and eyes; flickering flames coming out of the energy lines on the head.

Stormsoul: Purple skin; silvery energy lines; glowing crystalline silver spikes on the head.

Watersoul: Seafoam green skin; bright blue energy lines; bald with blue energy lines glowing on
the head.

Windsoul: Silver skin; light blue energy lines; glowing blue and gray ice crystal spikes on the head.

Generalities about a genasis elemental manifestation are sometimes contradicted by the races changeable nature. In most regions where genasi live, the dominant manifestation is the one most closely associated with the regions environment. The most extreme example of this truism occurs in underwater communities, where its essentially impossible for a genasi to survive without the watersoul manifestration.

In a city whose construction features a number of elevated features and possibly a lot of earthmotes, the vast majority of genasi have the stormsoul or windsoul manifestation. In a hot climate or a place where creatures of flame hold sway, firesoul is the most prevalent manifestation.

Genasi who have more than one manifestation think of themselves as having multiple personas. A genasi who is quick-tempered and passionate while manifesting firesoul might be a much more deliberate person while manifesting earthsoul. When free from the demands of travel or conflict, genasi who have multiple manifestations sometimes change manifestation as a method of expressing their mood or their intentions.

Genasi philosophers believe that genasi were created as a compromise between chaos and the world divinely crafted forms. A few genasi internalize that contradiction and struggle to eliminate one or the other of their natures, becoming maniacs of chaos or disciples of order, but those genasi are the exception. Most simply enjoy the connections that their elemental nature gives them to the world.

As children, genasi express only a single manifestation. In all but a few areas of Taladas, however, genasi know family members and childhood friends who have manifestations other than their own, so that they grow up knowing the diverse elements the race is connected to.

Ambition and pride have strongly influenced genasi culture. Genasi are constantly aspiring to improve their station. Their societies bubble with a constant pressure for recognition of true strength and competence. In consequence, genasi social structure are nowhere near as stable as those created by other races.

Genasi have no longstanding animosity toward any other races. Neither can they be said to be sure friends of any other racenot even their own. In human cities, some genasi prefer to deal with one group of friends while manifesting one element and keep a different circle of friends in another manifestation. Other genasi find friends who can deal with all their forms.


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