The wilden emerged from the unspoiled reaches, ancient bogs, and primeval forests ofthe Feywild. Awakened to fight the growing corruption plaguing the land, they strive to restore the natural order and to purge aberrant horrors from the world.

The wilden are a race in its infancy. Wilden believe that they awoke to meet a threat moving across the Feywild and into the world: the rising power of the Far Realm and its incursions into the rest of the known universe, in the form of aberrant creatures.

Central to wilden existence are nature’s three aspects: the keeper of ancient secrets, the destroyer, and the hunter. As keepers of ancient secrets, wilden act as stewards, preserving the land against any who would defile it. The destroyer aspect is nature’s fury incarnate-the destruction embodied by hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning strikes. The aspect of the hunter seeks out and eradicates aberrant corruption.

Individuality has no place in a wilden’s life. Males and females display differences in personality and appearance, but all wilden regard themselves as parts of a greater whole. When speaking of themselves, wilden use the plural, saying “we” instead of “I.”

As a new people, wilden lack grudges toward other races. Most wilden are eager to learn about other societies, beliefs, and cultures, and they might adopt the values of other races as their own.

Wilden can experience shifts in personality when they assume their aspects. They become thoughtful and cautious when in the aspect of the ancients, aggressive in the aspect of the destroyer, and secre­tive and withdrawn in the aspect of the hunter.

Even as wilden shape their beliefs through expo­sure to other cultures, they maintain that their purpose is to secure the Feywild and the natural world from harm. Wilden who worship gods venerate deities who cherish nature, such as Corellon, Melora, and Sehanine. Wilden also honor the primal spirits.

Wilden have no kingdoms or cities, but they regard all of nature as their home. When they gather, they do so in communities where the borders between the Feywild and the natural world are thinnest. Wilden live in harmony with nature, so even in these settlements, it is difficult to distinguish where the wilderness leaves off and the community begins.


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