BECAUSE STEEL DRAGONS RESPECT humans’ achievements, adaptability, and ambition, they protect
humans and impel them to rise against tyranny. The interests of the steel dragon Jalanvaloss, however, reflect less lofty ideals. A schemer, trickster, and manipulator, she lives for upheaval and unpredictability, endeavoring to keep her city dynamic.

In human form, Jalanvaloss usually appears as a slim female human with long, straight. black hair and steel-gray eyes. With the trademark catlike grace of steel dragons, she wears the latest fashions, entertains guests at her homes, and attends parties of the city’s elite.

Jalanvaloss alters her appearance to assume any of a dozen identities. She takes her dragon shape the least often of all her forms.

In her dragon form, Jalanvaloss is long and sleek, with glossy scales, spines that fall straight like hair, and delicate whiskers. Her large, intelligent silver eyes accent her expressive face.


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